Aaron Lyons is dedicated to building meaningful justice within systems, organizations and relationships. His work is to bring into dialogue the voices of people involved in relationships of harm and injustice to create opportunities for learning, healing and transformation.

Aaron works as facilitator, trainer and mediator with Fraser Region Community Justice Initiatives, a pioneering agency in the application of restorative justice principles to the aftermath of serious and violent criminal offenses. Aaron is a consultant and founding partner with Just Outcomes, which supports communities and organizations in developing just responses to harmful actions and situations. He is also a lead facilitator with Peace it Together, which empowers youth to promote peace through dialogue, film-making and multimedia. Aaron has been involved in building justice within educational and criminal justice settings in Canada, the United States, New Zealand, Bermuda, Israel and Palestine.

He holds a Master’s degree in Conflict Transformation from the Center for Justice and Peacebuilding at Eastern Mennonite University, and a Bachelor’s degree in Communication (including a Certificate in Community Economic Development) from Simon Fraser University. His training includes courses and seminars from the Justice Institute of BC, The Correctional Service of Canada, Multi-Door Dispute Resolution Program (Washington DC), Child-Development Specialist Dr. Gordon Neufeld, Power of Hope, and others.

Aaron’s reflections on justice have been deeply influenced by the mentorship of Howard Zehr, Paul Hapeta, David Gustafson, Sandi Bergen, Mark Wedge, Kay Pranis, John Paul Lederach, Susan Sharpe, Alan Edwards, Jennifer Haslet, Barry Stuart, Matthew Hartman and Catherine Bargen. His study, exploration and collaboration with these and other visionaries has and continues to be a gift.

Aaron lives with his amazing wife Susanna in a house facing the mountains of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.


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