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Facilitator, trainer and mediator in restorative justice, peacebuilding and conflict transformation.

Forget Restorative Justice

“True justice emerges through conversation” – Howard Zehr “So, what are your thoughts on the killing of Osama Bin Laden?,” a woman inquires almost casually at a spring dinner party. Admittedly, the US military operation in Pakistan occupies the minds … Continue reading

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Can I be a facilitator and stand for justice?

An excerpt from a conversation with a recent mediation training participant. She wonders: How can I approach situations of injustice as a facilitator, when my strongest impulse is towards fairness? Does mediation in situations of injustice imply giving up on our own … Continue reading

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Systematizing Restorative Justice

“I want to talk about the importance of restorative justice being mainstreamed as a response to crime and antisocial behavior, and so being absolutely capable of withstanding public scrutiny as an answer to the problems that people are concerned about. … Continue reading

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Justice is Meaning

Justice is contextual – it consists of the meaning that the people involved give to it. Justice is useful only insofar as it is meaningful to those involved. When it ceases to be meaningful it ceases to be useful. People … Continue reading

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